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Hardwood Floor Installation in Rhode Island and Connecticut

Hardwood floors give off an elegant and luxurious feel, no matter your home’s aesthetic. Achieve that warm and welcoming vibe with us at Westerly Hardwood Floors and more. We offer hardwood floor installation, routine maintenance, refinishing, sanding, and repair. With our services, you can improve the appearance of your house at the hands of qualified professionals. 

We have the skills and expertise to bring your vision to life. Whether you want to have a new hardwood floor installation in Rhode Islanddone or refurbish your existing surface, we are the perfect team to do the job.

We’ve served families across southern New England for over 40 years and look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied clients. 

Upgrade Your Home with Us

The charm of wood is timeless, making it an excellent investment and a top choice for homeowners. Our professional designers and installers can help you create spaces you’d be proud to show off to guests and neighbors. We’ll help you choose hardwood flooring and molding that enhances your decor, meets your performance expectations, and fits your price range.  

There is a hardwood option to fit any style, from vintage to contemporary interiors. No matter your preferences, you can count on us to help you select a wood species, stain, and plank size that suits your design goals. 

Expect No Less Than Excellent Results

We pay strong attention to detail during the floor and molding installation process so that you can expect picture-perfect results. We are very specific about the type of wood used and the spacing required for expansion and contraction. Different wood varieties expand at different rates, so it’s best to leave the entire procedure to professionals who specialize in hardwood like us. 

We ensure your new or refurbished floor will look great for many years so that you can receive the most value for your investment. You can also talk to us about maintenance to preserve your floor’s beauty and charm even with continued use. 

Kitchen Interior with Hardwood Floor

Give Your Floors a New Life

Your wooden floors will likely experience wear and tear due to constant activity, foot traffic, and similar reasons; we can help restore their beauty. Request a consultation with our team to explore your options. Depending on your floor’s condition, we may recommend hardwood floor refinishing or repair.

Refinishing involves sanding the surface of the existing floor and applying a new stain, making it look new again. You can even transform your hardwood to a completely different hue if desired. Refinishing the floor will also erase imperfections like scratches, stains, and dents.

We repair hardwood floors when there is damage that can’t be corrected by refinishing. We may recommend replacement as a more cost-effective option when major issues are present.

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Contact us today to explore the possibilities that hardwood offers your home. Let’s discuss the best option for your floor depending on its condition upon evaluation. We look forward to transforming your home into a warm and inviting environment.

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